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What we are doing to help

Hangry Kits has been working tirelessly to provide the country with a moment of joy, one snack kit at a time. When the first shelter-in-place orders started, so did orders of Hangry Kits. We sold out almost instantly and had trouble fulfilling orders when our home state of Washington shut down. After about a week of tweaking where and how we run our business in this new environment, we were able to reopen and make kits.

Our team is proud to know the kits we send out are making at least a small difference in a person’s day. We’ve heard many heartbreaking stories of people missing their loved ones. That’s where we can help, to some extent. Food is a universal gift and paired with a heartfelt note can make receiving a Hangry Kit an uplifting experience. Not to mention the snacks; those make you feel good too.

We have also been working with employers who want to show their appreciation to employees. We have sent thousands of kits to employees working at home and they have raved about it. Working at home during this crisis can be demoralizing and Hangry Kits brighten these dark days.

Working with these employers we were also able to send donated Hangry Kits to a hospital in the worst hit city on the planet, New York. It is truly heartbreaking what the healthcare community in NYC is going through. We have now partnered with Mt. Sinai Beth Israel to get more Hangry Kits to the frontlines. They have requested 1700 more kits and we are working with our partners to donate these Hangry Kits ASAP. We are asking our corporate buyers that are sending kits to their employees to consider sending kits to Mt. Sinai as well, at an at-cost price (we make no profit on the donated kits).

We will continue to work hard to get as many smiles packed and shipped daily.

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Everyone Loves Hangry Kits

We send these to our employees… They have mentioned over and over how much they love receiving it!
This was hilarious and kinda great
The Product was 100 times better than expected! Perfect gift! 10/10! Definitely going to order again!
everything was so delicious. It’s a wonderful surprise!
This was a well thought out snack pack. Salty, sour, or sweet, it had it all. Recommended highly as a gift
this is a fun gift any time of the year when we cannot be there in person! Every time we send this, we get a big thank you from folks.
It was a very unique gift and a great surprise for anyone who is hard to buy for
Loved everything.
Was not disappointed. The box was so full of so many great snacks. It was a great gift to give…
…after searching everywhere for the best one and I can tell you, this is it! They chose the perfect selection of snacks and the hard case was a huge selling point for me as well.
Great value. Great selection.
Can you buy snacks cheaper elsewhere? Sure. But you won’t find such an adorable box anywhere.
The perfect gift for any occasion. Looks like it cost a lot more than I paid. I’ll be purchasing again and again for thank you gifts!
There are cheaper kits out there but this one has high-quality snacks and a great variety!!
I actually had selfies sent to me with big smiles.
…absolutely filled with fun, unique snacks and food items.
It is so nice to have found a company that has a good selection, good service, and good delivery…. and all of that for a GREAT price!!
This is not just an ordinary box of snacks and I would recommend this to anyone.
The concept is fun, it’s a great conversation gift and it is a great value for the price. Great item, great value, I will be purchasing more in the future, great gift idea!
Whether you want salty or sweet, this box brings joy and comfort. I will definately be a repeat customer, and look forward to sending these as gifts!
LOVED it! And I loved that I didn’t have to try and purchase a variety of goodies to make something myself. Perfect win win!
Nothing is more fun and enjoyable than receiving something yummy! Thanks for making it affordable!