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Hangry Kits helps you send thoughtful, fully-custom gift boxes with snacks and swag for your team, customers, attendees, and anyone else you want. Make someone’s day!

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Boost Your Team's Morale With Hangry Kits

Boost your team’s morale.

Buying snacks is fun for everyone involved—whether you’re placing the order, or receiving the treats!

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Build Long-Lasting Relationships with Hangry Kits

Thank clients and build long-lasting loyalty.

Hangry Kits are unique gifts that are sure to make a lasting impression!

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Celebrate with Hangry Kits

Celebrate holidays, employees and more.

There’s always an occasion—welcome new hires, commemorate work anniversaries, announce IPOs, give birthday shout outs, or hey, just because!

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Offer tasty swag at conferences and events.

Give your attendees a reason to remember you with a branded snack box—you can even send it out to multiple addresses for virtual events!

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Convert Prospects with Hangry Kits

Convert a prospect into a satiated customer.

Healthy snacks are proven to boost dopamine levels, so fill the bellies and minds of your top prospects with positivity (especially towards your pitch!)

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How it Works

From placing an order, to delivery—Hangry Kits is a piece of cake!
Contact us to get started and we’ll walk you through our 1, 2, 3 process.

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No customer left hangry

Check out what people are saying about Hangry Kits:

“I can purchase gifts and have then shipped to my favorite people. Easy.”

“I ordered 80 of these for our Clients… They absolutely loved them.”

“Great assortment! Love the packaging!”

“Great gift idea, great value, great snacks!”

“Perfect answer to my gifting dilema”

“Not Hangry after getting this kit!”

Let’s build your perfect gift box!

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